The Murky Waters of an Autoimmune Disease

I’d like to take some time on this blog to share awareness about Autoimmune Diseases. Autoimmune Diseases (AI) include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Celiac Disease, Sjogrens Syndrome, Polymocitis or Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, Alopecia Areata, Vasculitis and Temporal Arteritis and many others. Each one of these chronic lifelong diseases manifests in different ways in the body but a hallmark of all AI Disease is inflammation; the body is basically over-reacting to something in the body.

Some of the basic blood tests that are often used to diagnosis AI diseases are Inflammation Markers such as CRP, ESR, ANA, ANA tighters and Sed Rate. Other tests that are used in diagnosing AI diseases include the Immune System Compliment tests, C3 and C4 and various disease specific marker blood and radiological tests. Some folks live with symptoms with normal blood work for years while others have abnormal blood work but with no definitive diagnosis. This happens because AI diseases play hide and seek. They can move between active and dormant especially in the early stages before the disease is fully matured.

Let’s use me as an example. Six years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I went gluten free. While some of my biggest issues improved and cleared up, over the last six years I’ve had intermittent symptoms that last a few weeks or a few months at times; and then they disappears. I’ve had abnormal blood tests with elevated inflammation markers for three or four months at time then it normalizes. It can damn well make you think you’re a hypochondriac or that you are going crazy. For me the craziness thing over the last five years has been the fatigue. I mean stop in your tracks and go to bed fatigue and sleepiness. I’ve been known to sleep 36 out of 48 hours. That’s not normal but I guess that’s how my body repairs.

The last round of AI flare up started for me around the beginning of the year with fatigue which I pushed through. That was my biggest mistake. This was the time I needed to surrender and just rest. I probably could have prevented the full blast flare up if I just rested for a few weeks. But, I pushed through and by April I was in flare up without realizing that’s what was happening. One by one my inflammation markers starting returning abnormal readings which confirmed I was in a flare. The doctor started piecing together my markers and symptoms which all lead to the diagnosis that Sjogren’s Syndrome is now riding along with my Celiac Disease and perhaps has been in my body sliding between active and dormant for a long time. I can trace back my first round of dry eye/eye infections, dry mouth and joint pain flare up back in 2013 between April and July.

Knowing that controlling inflammation is the key to controlling an AI disease, I have been focusing on dietary changes, supplements and lifestyle changes that will lower inflammation and low the stress response hormones in my body for the last month. I will say the dry eyes are definitely improving. My dry mouth is not completely better but not as horrible. I no longer have as much joint/muscle pain. I am seeing an improvement in my energy level. It is still not great but I am not completely exhausted. So, I am not feeling great or my normal yet but I do see some improvements.

After spending some time in the Facebook closed group for Sjogren’s, I see so many folks there have spent years trying to get diagnosed or have been experiencing the same issues as me. Often finding blood work was not an accurate diagnostic tool. It often has false negatives. As for me, my blood work started to normalize last week. My doctor told me the normal blood work could just be a reflection of me eating anti-inflammatory foods, using Turmeric and Salmon oil to reduce inflammation. I am actually reducing the markers naturally with my dietary and lifestyle approaches. Lowering inflammation may eventually push the AI into remission and end the flare up.

As for me, I have people in my life who love me and want to understand what I am experiencing. My best friend asked me like a million questions last night and I was happy to answer them. What many don’t understand it’s very difficult to have so many symptoms intermittently for such a long time and no answers. If you think my story is complicated, you should hear some of the stories in the Sjogren’s support group forums. I have it easy compared to some of them. Also, focusing on reducing inflammation in the body is a target I can aim for at least. I can focus on that! That will help me feel like I have some control in a situation that was depressing me because I had no answers and no control.

The funny thing is everyone keeps telling me how great I look because I am tan and I dropped a few pounds from being sick. It makes me laugh and it makes me sad at the same time. People with AI diseases are often not taken seriously because you can’t look at them and tell their sick. But they still can’t get out of bed. I just wanted to share some information so people understand you can’t judge nor estimate someone’s health by their appearance. Things aren’t always what they seem. I prefer to put on makeup and get dressed for work because it makes me feel good even when I don’t physically feel great.

For me, controlling inflammation is key and is the reason I am doing the Whole30. I am on Day 9🙌👍

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Whole30 Day 6 ~ Wow!

This is not post where I talk about everyone being meaningful and everything is rosey and great. Nope, it’s not. Perhaps, it could even be a bit negative but I prefer to think of it as reality – my reality. It’s the reality I am living right now.

Physically, I am exhausted today. The left side of my jaw is sorer than it has been. I had a tension headache/migraine through most of the night. It felt like tight muscles were causing it. Therefore, I didn’t sleep well. I still have a headache. My mouth feels drier than it has felt in recent weeks and my hands and feet are FR-EEEZING all the time – all the damn time! It’s almost 90 degrees for God sakes and I want to wear socks when I am outside. Hmm, I had to think there for a minute on how to spell SOCKS! Yep, Day 6 brain fog for sure! Wow!

Now, it is Day 6 of my Whole30. Whole30 is no alcohol, no added Sugar, Processed Foods, Grains, Legumes or Dairy for 30 days to more or less reset the body. I eliminated Nightshade veggies and I do not eat Nuts because I can’t digest them without drama. I am doing the Whole30 to help calm down my Immune System and eliminate the stress response that my body is currently in. All I got to say is…This is day when you are supposed to be exhausted and just want to nap. It’s when the Sugar detox really kicks and shows you how much your body relied on Sugar. I am not really all that worried about the exhaustion. I do believe it is Whole30 related as my energy level has been improving in recent weeks. I actually thought Whole30 would be easier for me because I am already Alcohol and Gluten Free and I already eat a lot of veggies. I thought I would cruise through it…Um, hello rude awakening! I am not cruising. It’s a lot harder than I thought.

All I am going to say is if you want to challenge yourself – do a Whole30. I caution you to be prepared. It takes A LOT of prep work and planning to be successful. I suggest you prepare for the drama😂 If you aren’t up to the Whole30, cut out one whole food group or eliminate alcohol for 30 days and see how you do. Remember, alcohol boils down to carbohydrates in the body which turns it into sugar. If you are drinking alcohol, you are not sugar free ✌️Sorry for hitting you with some truth on a Friday but now you know… I challenge you – give up alcohol for 30 days. 30 whole days! Document how you feel and if you get cravings. Don’t substitute with ice cream, candy or soda. Nope, no sugar and no alcohol, then tell me how you feel. I bet you will be tired and cranky too 😂😂The purpose of the Whole30 is to show people their dependencies and attachments to certain food, alcohol and their food habits. It changes your relationship with food and alcohol.

I am tired and cranky because I am in the beginning of the Whole30. I am challenging myself give up my attachments to food. I am pushing myself to grow and change. Sometimes that is a pain in the ass but at least I am trying to improve my body naturally. To be clear, I am only doing the Whole30 to help my body reset and calm an autoimmune flare. This isn’t permanent. I also would not advocate for folks to elimiate that many food groups at the same time unless you really feel like crap, are up for a big challenge or are very fitness oriented. Otherwise, it’s a bit excessive. Honestly, I am breaking a few rules because my body’s intuition is telling me I don’t need to be “hard core” about this to get the results I need. Shhh, don’t tell the Whole30 people I eat a snack in the afternoon and chew gum to help my dry mouth. They’ll say I am cheating and to start over. I am say I am honoring my body’s truth and needs; that’s not cheating😉

The good news is a called an old friend to congratulate her on graduating from college at the young age of 52 and to plan a lunch to celebrate for just a two of us. When I told her I was doing Whole30, she said, “I’m In!”. I said, “WHAT?” She started laughing and told me she wasn’t feeling great and needed a reset. She’s starting on Sunday and will be texting me as she’s grocery shopping tomorrow😂😂I already inspired one person to try something different. My first Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Client… It’s pro bono and an old friend but it counts.


The headache, sore jaw, dry mouth and cold extremities are related to the current health issue I am havingI called my doctor today to get my blood tests results. I’m still in shock. He told me everything is now completely normal. Every abnormal reading I had one month ago is now completely normal. EVERY ONE! He’s now wondering if it’s Ear, Nose & Throat related or even Lymph node. I told him my acid reflux was flaring up and he says, “it’s good you didn’t have the test done the other day. Acid reflux or an ear problem could have skewed the results.  The Rheumatologist suggested I go back to the ENT to have my ear checked and maybe an MRI of the area. He told me to hold off on the Salivary Scan until after the Acid Reflux calms down and the ear is cleared up😂😂But he suggests I still do it so we have it as a baseline. He also said the normal blood tests do not mean that I don’t have Autoimmune Disease. It means it’s going into remission again. I need to continue what I am doing. I blood work repeated every 4 months or so. I also need to remember extended stress response is a trigger for me. It can reactivate at any time. He said everything in the ear, salivary gland, jaw and lymph node region is so close together it’s hard to tell what is causing the problem. So my intuition was spot on when it told me to leave the test the other day. He said it probably wouldn’t be accurate with the acid reflux acting up😂😂


Another aspect of this is that I am feeling a bit alone and sad…Now, don’t read too much into that. I know I have people who love me. I’ve never been a needed girl. I’ve never needed an entourage or a girl gang to roll through life with. But lately it seems my favorite peeps are all off doing their own thing. My best friend not only has Stage IV Cancer but she is trying to take care of her aging parents too. Her dad had to be moved here from Arizona for assisted living. We haven’t seen each other as much normal since he moved here. She cancelled on me again for this Sunday because she needs to do something with her dad. What am I going to say? Of course I understand. I just miss her. My closest niece who has always been a good friend became a drug addict and is in recovery. She is busy working her 12 steps and hanging on to sobriety by a thread. She was a strong support to me but she was hiding a lot of pain and lying to me for long time. Of course I want her to focus on her sobriety and not her Aunt. And, my blue-eyed muse and playmate hi-tailed it out of here for a better job opportunity and he’s not emotionally or physically available to me anymore. I can’t even tell you how much I miss him. You really don’t know how much you need someone until you can’t see or talk to them regularly. But, of course, I want him to be a success and have a wonderful life. So, there you have it. Three of my favorite peeps are all off doing their own thing and I am here Whole30ing and missing them 😕

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Salivary Gland Scan Meltdown 

Sigh… Same lesson different day…

Today I tried to do something myself that I needed support and help to do. Instead of asking for help, I did my usual push through it, “hard core” bullshit and it didn’t work out so well for me.

Sigh…As I said, same lesson different day.

My Salivary Gland Scan was scheduled today at Pennsylvania Hospital. The tests needs to be done because I’ve had swelling and pain in the left Salivary Gland as well as a reduction in Saliva and dry mouth. I need the test to look for the cause of swelling, abnormal blood tests results and a possible confirmation of a diagnosis of Sjogren’s Syndrome. The problem is I did not understand the protocol of the test or that it required an IV for an injection of a Nuclear Agent or the “tracer”. It also required me to lay perfectly still for ONE WHOLE HOUR with a camera three inches from my face.

The staff began to prep me for the test and I started having that uneasy feeling. That uneasy feeling caused anxiety and then panic and tears. I stopped them just before the injection. I told them I had to reschedule for a time someone could drive me because I need to take a Xanax for it and bring someone to sit with me while it was being done. The staff tried to reassure me. They were very kind and even gave me the Managers direct phone number so I could reschedule for a time that would be the easiest for me to get a ride.

I walked out of the hospital crying. I called my sister. She is going to take me back for the test next Wednesday morning at 9:00am. My Mom may even come for the ride with us. I’ll have more support.

Here’s the thing…I wasn’t feeling good about the test all day. I texted my sister early this morning to make sure she knew to keep her phone on between 1:30 and 3:30. I stopped at Mom’s before going for the test just to see her. As I drove down to the hospital, I saw 888 twice. The 888 message usually is a forewarning message for me to “trust my intuition and honor my truth”.

As they were prepping me for the test, I knew it wasn’t normal anxiety I was feeling. I felt safe and they were very kind and caring but I also felt the pressure of this whole journey hitting me today. I felt intense hesitation because I feel like I’m not ready for the diagnosis yet even though we need to know if a stone, tumor or cyst is in there. I just wasn’t ready for the answer. What happens if there is something in there? What happens if it is Sjogren’s and I have to live with that the rest of my life? What happens if it’s negative and I don’t have any answers? I also felt like I needed someone to be with me. I’m trying to strong and self sufficient when there are people in my life willing to help me.

After leaving the hospital, I saw 222 twice; that means “everything is working out for highest good”. That’s my confirmation that I made the right choice rescheduling. I also saw 444 twice which means my angels and guides were with me. I came home feeling a little defeated but also feeling that I did the right thing listening to my intuition. I need to calm the stress response in my body not make it worse. Going back next week with support will be better.

If you know me personally and if you care about me, know I may need a little more support than normal in the coming weeks. I probably won’t admit that to you directly but it’s true😂😂This is starting to take a toll on me. I just didn’t realize how much until today.

Today, I ask and pray for a spontaneous healing 🙏

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Healing Through Closure

Everyone needs to walk their own path in life. Mine took a wild and crazy turn a few years ago.  Since I walked away from my old life and adopted a healthier lifestyle, I often had been melancholy for the life I left behind, the people I no longer see and part of me I left in past.  Until one day a few weeks ago when I went to a funeral for an old friend from that time of my life and I had to see my past up close and personal.

As I stood at the luncheon talking to old friends, I could see an old love standing across the bar looking at me. What I saw that afternoon was that nothing has changed in six years. The same people are standing in the same cliques at the same bar talking about stuff that happened 10 years ago and doing shots.  The only difference was they were all six years older. 

As I listened to my old love speak, I felt nothing – I mean I felt nothing more than sad that he lost his best friend but that was it.  While we made no attempts to speak to each other directly, there was acknowledgement that we were both in the same room face to face for the first time in six years and it was all ok.  It was all ok.  It was in that moment the most wonderful feeling came over me.  It was the feeling that “I no longer belong here; this is no longer my life. This is closure.” 

As I drove home that day, I smiled the whole way home.  I smiled because I saw some old friends. I smiled because I was strong enough to go back to my past all by myself. I smiled because I was able to stand in my authentic new skin alone without any support. I smiled because I knew for sure my path no longer swerved through Somers Point, New Jersey. I smiled because I knew for sure I no longer loved him. I smiled because the pain he caused is now firmly in my past. I smiled because I had closure.

I remember meditating later that night with a huge a smile on my face.  It was the first time I truly knew my Angels guided me to go back there. They supported me while I stood there. They honored me for the courage it took to go back and they applauded me for having the wisdom to see I was given the gift of closure that afternoon.
I won’t lie.  That day stirred up some old feelings for my former love.  I no longer loved him. But I did reflected on how things got so bad between two people who truly cared about each other.  How did it get so messed up? Upon reflection the answer to that question became clear to me. I wasn’t meant to stay there but I was too afraid to leave. It got that ugly between us because I held on for too long. It got that bad because I didn’t belong there. God blocked me from continuing on a path that didn’t serve my highest good and he used him to push me into a new life.  That’s the funny thing about God. He will send you subtle messages in hopes that you are aware enough to read the signs and are wise enough to trust he’s acting on behalf of your highest good.  But, let me tell you this, if you ignore him or are too stubborn to surrender, he will straight up go for the TKO and break you into submission.

I suppose what I am learning from this is to surrender. Surrender is the greatest act of courage for any human being to take. It means letting go of what you thought you wanted. It means letting go of what you thought you needed. It means trusting in something you can’t see or touch. Anytime you choose to stand in your authentic truth, God will show up to support you. Sometimes it will take a while for you to see he’s been there with you all along. He will let you suffer to allow you to grow and become wiser. He will let you struggle so you grow. He will let your heart get broken so you know what real love feels like. He will let you be unhappy, unfulfilled and filled with fear so you are pushed to change.

As I stand in this new skin, I know now where I stand today is where I belong.  The person I am today is who I was supposed to become. The people who are important in my life now were supposed to share this part of my journey with me.  The love I feel in my heart now was brought to me as a gift.

Life gets complicated by our attachments.  We become attached to people, things, places, lifestyles and habits.  But I am living proof when you have the courage to listen to our inner wisdom and trust the intuitive guidance God is trying to whisper into our lives, we will eventually see everything we went through had a purpose.  I see now everything I lost, everything I had to let go a few years ago, was so I would open up to receiving things that were better aligned with my true authentic self.

Today I am living as the real Linda. I no longer surround myself with smoke and mirrors. I do not try to “fit in” anymore. I do not worry if folks like me, gossip about me or judge me.  I do not try to people please and I certainly will no longer walk on egg shells with ANYONE.  I respond according the energy folks project to me.  If you aren’t sure if you want me around you or in your life, I will not try to convince you otherwise.  You will be enjoying my absence.  It’s your choice. If you choose to listen to outside influences or listen to words spoken about me instead of speaking to me, I will disengage and make new friends. This new authentic Linda is a lover, a giver and extremely loyal to the folks who are loyal to her.

I am extremely grateful to God for healing me with closure.

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Healing ~ The Hard Core Way

As I start to reach acceptance that I am indeed in an Autoimmune Flare, I am starting to open my eyes and my mind to what it means to be in a flare. I am starting to document how it is affecting me day to day and if any new symptoms appear.

For me personally, being in an Autoimmune Flare means I get fatigued quicker and easier. At about 7:30pm last night I hit the exhaustion wall and had to stop what I was doing and just crawl up on the sofa under the blanket with a pillow and stare at the TV for a while. I will say I did manage to get a three mile walk in after work before the crash happened so I was in a good frame of mind as I laid there watching stupid sitcoms. For me, being in an AI Flare also means I have widespread muscle and joint aches and pains. It means I have a dry mouth and dry eyes but I’ll be honest. That seems to be improving the last few weeks. The most annoying symptom I have right now is that I am always cold. My hands and feet are always cold. It could be 80 degrees out and I feel like I need to wear socks. The doctor told me last week while I feel cold, my extremities actually felt warm to the touch so circulation was good. It’s still annoying.

All in all this isn’t horrible. I suppose some would say what I am experiencing isn’t so bad. Perhaps they would be right. It could be worse. It is still annoying and frustrating. It dramatically affects my life and my ability to function some days but I should be grateful I do not have Cancer. Ironically, some forms of Cancer are very easy to treat and are resolved in a few months but an Autoimmune Disease is a chronic lifelong illness. But I should be grateful it’s not Cancer. So pardon me if I am not jumping for joy that it is ONLY an Autoimmune Disease.

As I start to stalk around Sjogren’s Syndrome Support Groups and pages on the internet. I’ve read a lot about Venus Williams; she is a very inspirational spokesperson for SS. I’ve been experiencing some of the same things she did. Her first symptom was the crippling fatigue. Imagine being a world class Tennis Player, making your living by playing tennis, and not being able to get out of bed. One doctor after another told her nothing was wrong with her. It took years for her to get a diagnosis which she eventually got in Philly at Penn Medicine.

As I monitor conversations in the support groups and become more familiar with the stories and symptoms associated with the disease, I see that I have the majority of the symptoms but not all of them. I can see why my Rheumatologist told me I was catching it early. It is also because people like Venus Williams who raised awareness about SS and Autoimmune Diseases in general that my symptoms are even acknowledged so early today. One thing that is very clear to me, most people in our society want to take a pill. They want some kind of Big Pharma solution so they can go back to their life and continue eating and drinking whatever they want. That’s not me. I actually told the doctor I do not want any meds. Unless I show up in his office crying and begging, I am doing this holistically using alternative methods(no pharmaceuticals) and using food as medicine.

On Sunday, I am starting Autoimmune reset diet of sorts. I am doing Whole 30, which is whole foods, no dairy, sugar, grains or processed foods for 30 days. I am also excluding nuts and nightshades veggies but I am keeping eggs and coffee. Really strict Autoimmune Protocol diets eliminate eggs and coffee for 30 days too but I am not doing that this round. If after 30 days I still have symptoms, I will eliminate eggs and coffee for two weeks and see how I feel. For now, I am keeping my eggs and coffee. I’ll be spending my weekend doing homework, walking, meal planning and batch cooking foods that will be easy for me to pop out of the freezer during the week. My Salivary Gland Function Test is Wednesday, June 21st at Pennsylvania Hospital. That will show blockages and salivary output. I am actually looking forward to it😂😂

In a recent conversation, a friend called me “hard core” about health and nutrition. If “hard core” means that I do not buy into popping a pill for whatever ails me so I can eat and drink whatever I want, then I guess I am “hard core”. I am seeing so many people putting the control of their health into the hands of their MD. The reality is most MDs are not trained in Integrative Nutrition or even trained in Nutrition at all. Drug reps show up at their doors with lunch and sample to push their drugs on patients. I am not completely against taking meds, believe me when I need a short course of steroids and antibiotics, I take it. But I also know I will NOT turn over complete control of my body and my health to any doctor. Also, the side-effects from drugs could be worse than the symptoms I am having now. For now, no meds and food is my medicine. If that makes me “hard core”, so be it.

I am finding the Integrative Nutrition course I am currently studying to be especially beneficial and supportive at this time. I’ve already meet a lot of new people with similar interests. I’ve already started looking at every aspect of my life and identifying what is no longer working. I am already starting to take back some of the control I lost in my life when I became collateral damage in choices others made. I am very grateful I had financial means and courage to jump into the course feet first. It was the best decision I made a very long time.

As I open myself up to new possibilities, new information, new people and new ways to heal my body, I also remain open and loyal to the people in my life who truly care for me and support me on this journey back to health. The only thing that has changed is that they can no longer be at the top of my list for a while. I need to be number one in my life for now. It also means that I can no longer live unfulfilled or filled with anxiety. I am starting to disengage from situations that were unfulfilling or were starting to cause me anxiety. I can’t be stuck in limbo or in the unknown state anymore. I need to make choices to allow the stress response hormones in my body to calm down so my body can heal itself. It’s not that I don’t love those people or want to support them; it is purely that I need to allow my body to calm down so it can heal and living in limbo or being anxious or unfulfilled was keeping me in stress response.

Lastly, I am very grateful two work issues that had me causing stress and anxiety for a long time were resolved this week to my benefit. While I have not yet received the official notification on paper, I was told verbally I am being realigned to group I most enjoy working it and a promotion was officially approved as well. They both were a long time coming and signifies a shift in work. I finally let out an exhale and I can now release the frustration that was associated with both issues. I am waiting to get the official paper to extend my thanks and gratitude to the leaders who helped to make that happen. Believe me, I am relieved and grateful. Two of my stressors have been eliminated.On another work topic, I did secretly do a Reiki Energy Cleaning in my bosses office early Wednesday morning to lighten up the heavy vibes on there😊The heavy vibe in there was driving me nuts; I had to do it😂Ever since folks have been complaining it is cold in there😂😂 I don’t know what happened to the temperature in there☺️😂It might be cold but it is definitely better than it was. He was in there today. Hopefully, it was more comfortable for him and now his energy can reclaim the space.

I suppose this Autoimmune Flare up forced me to relook at my whole life. It made me pull the band-aides off and feel the sting for a while. But, that’s how growth is. It hurts a little to see ourselves and grow.

What have you learned about yourself lately? Have you pulled the band-aide off and felt the sting in your life? Are you living unfulfilled in any aspect of your life? Is that ok with you? How do you deal with stress and quell the stress response hormones?

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Reiki Second Degree & Rheumatologist Appointment 

I had a beautiful morning. I was initiated into Usui Reiki Second Degree and received my symbols 🙌🦄🙏I gave Reiki to another Practitioner and received it myself. I took a break midway through the morning and walked barefoot in the grass to ground my energy. This set me up to be very relaxed and at peace as I drove up to Philly to see a Rheumatologist at Pennsylvania Hospital.

As I drove to Philly, I recited Mantras and prayed this health crisis is only a teaching health crisis. It’s teaching me how to control my mind and use holistic methods to heal myself. It’s also showing me the journey many folks with Autoimmune Diseases go on in order to get relief and a diagnosis. Not easy to control your thoughts when inside you are freaking out as one symptom slowly appears after another. I empathize now for folks who try to explain to a doctor that they are not quite themselves anymore and they are scared. I felt the worry for months now but I’ve been determined to use my mind over Big Pharma and medicine.

My good news was the doctor checked my lymph nodes and scanned my whole body. It doesn’t appear to be Lymphoma. What he actualky said was “it would be a leap for us to get there from here with what we have.” He feels it is more in the Autoimmune Disease family. He is leaning towards Sjorens Syndrome regardless of the negative blood tests. He is also wondering if I still have a stone stuck in my Salivary Gland which could be causing pain and infections. I need to have a scan on my Salivary Glands to see if there are stones as well as measure the saliva output from each Gland. For now, he told me to chew sugarfee chewing gum and I have to make an appointment with the Dentist to get prescription strength floride toothpaste.

The Doctor advised me whatever this is in my body – we are catching it early so it might not be fully activated or matured. I could get it to go back into remission with good self care but he suggested I plan on seeing him every three months so he can monitor me for any progression. While I was not given an official diagnosis of Sjorens, he suggested we monitor it as if it is that while we watch for any addition symptoms or complications. They did my blood work in the office. Now I just have to schedule the Salivary Gland tests.

Back Reiki, so now that I have Level II,I’ll start practing and charging for sessions. I plan to look for a two bedroom when my lease is up at the end of the year so I will have space for Yoga and Reiki. I am also going to do a little clensing ceramony in my condo and hit the corners with the symbols to clear the space. Speaking of weird energy, I may sneak into my bosses office early in the morning and hit the corners with the symbols to clear out that weird energy in there now. He’s been away and lots of other people are using his space. I’m getting a weird vibe in there and don’t even like going in there anymore. Mostly because the energy seems unstable now and I can no longer feel his energy in the room. I used to be able to feel his energy in there. Regardless, the space needs an energetic cleaning and I am doing it😂👍✌️

Since I had more blood work today and it’s been months since I had a Red Robin burger, I treated myself to a beef burger in the name of making red blood cells😂😂✌️

How was your day? Did you have a small victory like me or perhaps take a small step on a new life path?

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Healing ~ Holistically 

As I start to surrender to the fact that my body is having trouble rebalancing itself, I am choosing to have faith that this illness is, as my Angels/Guides have said, a “teaching health crisis”.

In other words, in my journey to become a Healer and be truly empathetic to the clients who will be coming to me, I had to experience the same suffering. I suppose looking at this way gives me some hope that this illness is only an Autoimmune Flare, temporary until I get back into remission, and ultimately serves the purpose in teaching me how to heal myself and guide others with what I learn.

The blood work that has been done so far suggests my body is in a Autoimmune Flare. However, all of the specific Autoimmune disease tests have been negative. I do already have a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, which is Autoimmune, but it’s been stabilized for years and this doesn’t feel like that. I did find out once you have one Autoimmune Disease, it makes you vulnerable to others when your body is under extreme stress. Stress can trigger another Autoimmune response. I would have to say that is the case for me because my life has been filled with constant stress for a long time, It especially started building towards last fall into the the Spring of this year. My doctor was honest with me and told me my blood tests that were positive are often positive in people who have Lymphoma. So far, no tumors around the Lymph Nodes have been found and I do not have most of the other symptoms right now. My doctor felt the best specialist for me to start with was a Rheumatologist who can evaluate me for both Lymphoma and Autoimmune Diseases. My appointment is Monday afternoon at Pennsylvania Hospital Rheumatology in Philadelphia.

I am determined to address my health crisis holistically. With this mind, I am taking care of my body with good nutrition and light exercise. I had a “light” Neuromuscular Massage yesterday. Since my Naturopathic Doctor/Massage Therapist shares an office with a chiropractor, I decided to try a new chiropractor yesterday afternoon. I really liked his style of manipulation. I had been resisting switching Chiropractors because I’ve formed friendship with my current guy. However, I see now after my adjustment yesterday, it’s time to let go and continue with my new Chiropractor. His style and holistic knowledge is more aligned with mine.

Since I have low Red Blood Cells again and will need more blood work, My Doctor wants me to take Iron and B-12 to help build me up. I let myself eat Steak two nights in a row to help build up RBC. I’ll balance that out tonight with sushi, salmon and seaweed salad. I’ve added Coconut Milk Yogurt for probiotics and I am starting to use my intuition in my food choices. I’m listening to what my body needs instead of me telling it what it needs. For example, I had some muscle cramps. That’s usually Calcium, Potassium or Magnesium related. I drank a Coconut Water(Potassium & Magnesium) and ate two cheese sticks(Calcium) and within an hour the muscle cramps subsided.

Today is strange day. I felt ok when I woke up. I walked up to the local cafe for breakfast with my neighbors. I got some sunshine vitamin and managed to walk four miles slowly. It was when I was running errands that I felt the crash coming on. I stopped everything. Drove home and went to bed. I feel asleep for two hours. I realized when I woke I would either be on the sofa or in bed the rest of the day. So I’m writing a blog. I may walk on the beach a little tonight and I have homework to do but that’s it for today. I have to surrender to my body now. I’m thankful I got a four mile walk in before the crash. I am also looking forward to Monday morning. I’m taking my Reiki II Certification class in the morning. That makes me happy. I’ll leave around 12:30 to drive up to the Rheumatologist appointment.

What are you doing today? Are you listening to your body? Are going with the flow in life? Are you resisting change or avoiding the conflict?

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Awakening the healer within… 

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